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Hi. My name is David A. Gwilt, and I am the ‘talent’ on this site,  as they say.

I’m certainly not the tech expert, or the editor, so that leaves ‘talent’ I guess. My purpose in life at this point is to guide you to enjoy life as a journey, not a destination. Since none of us come to this place with an expiration date stamped on the bottom of a foot, or a ‘best buy’ date, I’m here to do a few things. They include my passion to:   entertain, motivate, and inspire you to maximize your abilities, take chances, write your own story, get out of your comfort zone, cross the double yellow lines, laugh a lot, cry if need be, exercise, accept the world as it is, improve your attitude, enjoy the aging process, and oh yeah, be of SERVICE TO OTHERS.

Small task, I know. However, I’ve been living with those concepts for a while now and believe that I’m on to something here. It’s not anything that I’ve learned in a book, or from a seminar, or saw on TV. It’s from a life of living, loving, and making decisions that did and sometimes didn’t turn out the way I would have preferred. But they were not bad decisions! They were decisions based on the best information that I had at the time. And my preferences.

I have a strong, active, and real relationship with a God of my understanding. My God inspired me back in 2011 to carry a message of laughter, love, and inspiration to audiences of all ages.

I’ve managed to put this all into one hour which includes humor, some of it corny, and my thoughts on a variety of topics. The basis for all of this is an acronym that I created years back; P.L.E.A.S.E..

PLEASE stands for prayer, laughter, exercise, attitude, service, and of course, every day.

I’m a Syracuse, New York native, and a 1972 graduate of Syracuse University. I also studied Gerontology at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I act in community theater, have a lifelong curiosity in almost everything, and was blessed with a strong verbal ability.

Please let me know how I may be of service to you and your organization.

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Need A Speaker or Entertainer For Your Event? 

If you’re seeking a distinctive and engaging approach to elevate your upcoming event, look no further! I invite you to schedule an appointment with me to discuss your event needs. Together, we can infuse your occasion with humor, personal touches, and a practical plan to make it truly unforgettable.


What Audience Members Have To Say...

You could tell by all the folks who spoke with you after your presentation, that you were a hit. That does not usually happen

E. Eichler STARS St. Matthew Catholic Church

David is remarkably suited to inspire and entertain…in real and authentic ways.

J.L. Lincourt Professor Emeritus, UNCC

David uses each presentation to explore life’s journey in a fun and energetic way

Michael Olender State Director, AARP North Carolina

David communicates beautifully.

Mark A. Hirsch PhD Parkinson Association of the Carolinas

Your presentation was a great success. I am not surprised!

Ilana Levin Levine JCC

David was certainly a barrel of fun. He made me laugh so much and I know I will be smiling all day.

Theresa Mendes The Catholic School