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Stuffing Your Feelings

Stuffing Your Feelings Hi, my name is David Gwilt and welcome to this episode of Thoughts 4 the Ages. I was thinking today about stuffing. Now I’m not talking about stuffing a turkey.  What I  am speaking of is stuffing your feelings, stuffing your irritations, your resentments, your small resentments, whatever it might be, and […]

Hold The Pen

Hold The Pen Good morning, my name is David Gwilt and this is another edition of Thoughts 4 the Ages. I appreciate you tuning in. If you have a comment or a suggestion for a topic, you can contact me, David at davidagwilt.com. That’s G-W-I-L-T. I want to talk to you this morning about holding […]

Challenges In Life

Challenges In Life Good morning and welcome to another vlog, blog, video, recording, whatever you want to call it, of Thoughts for the Ages. My name is David Gwilt and over the period of the next several months, hopefully years, I’ll be putting many more of these up here for your consideration. And if you […]